Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

Frequently asked questions regarding Hernia:

  • Q. What is a hernia? A: A hernia is a defect in the muscle wall through which there is protrusion of internal contents like fat, omentum and intestines.
  • Q. Are there any other factors which can lead to hernia formation? A: Increase in pressure inside the abdomen which can arise due a number causes like constipation, long standing cough or urinary difficulties can predispose to hernia formation.
  • Q: Is there any medicine for treatment of hernia? A: Unfortunately there is no medical treatment of hernia. Hernias can only be treated by surgery.
  • Q: Can I use a truss or a belt for hernia? A: Using a truss or a belt will not cure the hernia. In some situations where surgery is being delayed it may help in preventing it from further increasing in size. But at the same time its use can lead to increased chances of complications. As a rule we do not recommend the use of either belt or truss.
  • Q: Why should I get my hernia operated? A: Surgery for hernia is advised to prevent complication like intestinal obstruction and/or strangulation which are life threatening and their occurrence is very unpredictable.
  • Q: What surgical options are available for hernia treatment? A: In the past, surgery for hernia has been performed in the conventional method by open surgery. This resulted in more pain, prolonged time to recovery and increased chances of wound infection. Currently most hernias are being are being operated at our center by laparoscopy, which is associated with less pain and faster recovery.
  • Q: Is mesh or net used in all hernia repairs? A: Mesh use is recommended and it is used in most repairs whether it is done by open or laparoscopic technique as it leads much less chances of failure or recurrence.
  • Q: Are the chances of failure more with laparoscopic repair? A: No. The Success rate is same with open and laparoscopic repair if a mesh is used, but recovery is faster with laparoscopic repair.
  • Q: Is there any difference in cost with regards to open and laparoscopic repair of hernias? A: Laparoscopic repair is marginally more expensive as this is technically more difficult, utilizes special instruments and special meshes, which are more expensive. But since recovery is quicker patients can join back to work earlier.
  • Q: Can a hernia recur after surgery? A: Theoretically yes. But if done properly with a mesh the chances are very negligible. In our experience it is about 1to 2 %.
  • Q: What is the cost of hernia repair in your center? A: Costs vary depending upon the type and size of inguinal hernia. Hence exact estimates can only be given after seeing the patient and assessing the hernia.

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair