Piles surgery in kolkata

Treatment of Piles, Fissures and Fistulas

A piles surgeon is offering the most advanced and most modern technique for the treatment of piles, fissures and fistulas. Minimal or no pain, no hospital staying and early return to work. No dressing in most cases. No rest required in most cases. Affordable packages.


Piles or Hemorrhoids is an extremely common condition and indicated by blood in stools. It is due to the veins in the anal canal getting engorged and bleeding occurs when they get torn or eroded during the passage of stools. There is generally no history of pain unless the pile is inflamed, thrombosed or strangulated, in which case it can be extremely painful. Most cases of piles can be managed with medicines. Only in cases where patients have advanced or long-standing piles, which is not responding to medical treatment, they undergo piles surgery in Kolkata.

Surgery these days is performed by advanced stapler method (stapled hemorrhoidectomy), also sometimes referred to as laser surgery. No hospital stay is required as the patient can get admitted in the morning, get the procedure done and go home after 3 to 4 hours. The procedure carried out by a piles surgeon in Kolkata is almost painless and requires no stitches or dressing. Patients can get back to normal life in 5 to 6 days. The success rate is extremely high, almost 100% with great patient satisfaction.


This is a condition where there is a tear in the anal canal due to the passage of hard stools. The condition is extremely painful and is at times associated with bleeding.

Treatment is again with medicines but if the fissure has become chronic or is not responding to medical treatment, then it will require surgery. The surgery these days is done by the most advanced technology and is a very minor and simple surgery. It does not involve any hospital stay. Patients can come in the morning, get the surgery done and go home after 3 hours. There is no requirement of any dressing, stitches, stitch removal or even rest. Patients can get back to work the next day. No leave from work is required.


This is again a common but at times a complex entity. It generally happens after a perianal abscess or boil has ruptured. The patient reports to the surgeon with small single or multiple openings around the anus, which intermittently drains pus. There can be much pain especially if the opening has got blocked and pus starts collecting inside. It essentially involves a communication between the rectum or anal canal with the external perianal skin.

Fistulas should be evaluated with an MRI scan to map the exact type and course of the tract.

Treatment of most fistulas is surgery or some modification thereof. Simple fistulas involve removal of the tract. In complex and high fistulas, special techniques like seton placement or anal plug placement or VAAFT is used. All these procedures are again done as day care procedures and do not require a hospital stay.

Most of these procedures are painless with early joining back to work.

piles surgery in kolkata