A 40-year old patient had developed a critical condition. She was suffering from a large tumour in her colon. However, she failed to get proper treatment due to the increasing rise in Covid cases.

When it was impossible for patients to travel from one city to another, she underwent multiple Covid testing and finally came to Kolkata from Bangladesh to meet Dr. Sanjoy Mandal for consultation.

Diagnosis and treatment

Despite all the challenges during the Covid time, Dr. Mandal diagnosed the patient. After conducting multiple tests, it was confirmed that she was suffering from colon cancer. In a situation where routine surgeries were restricted, Dr. Sanjoy Mandal operated on the patient and removed her cancer successfully through laparoscopic surgery.

All the precautions were taken during the operation by Dr. Mandal and his team to prevent the spread of infection.


The patient recovered soon afterwards and gained a new life in the midst of the pandemic. This was one of the rare critical surgeries performed by Dr. Sanjoy Mandal, one of the best surgical oncologist in Kolkata.