Bile Duct Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer

Bile duct cancer, also called cholangiocarcinoma, occurs in the tubes that bind the liver and gall bladder, known as bile ducts. The digestive liquid bile, which is a waste product of the liver, is carried by the bile ducts. The bile ducts are normally narrowed, and their function is disrupted by cancer.

Several forms of bile duct cancer, as listed by the renowned cancer doctor in Kolkata, are:

  1. Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is a cancer that forms in the liver’s bile ducts.
  2. Hilar cholangiocarcinoma is a form of cholangiocarcinoma that occurs in the bile ducts just outside the liver.
  3. Distal cholangiocarcinoma is a cancer that occurs in the bile duct near the small intestine.

Risk Factors

According to the famous oncologist in Kolkata, the following factors make people more likely to develop bile duct cancer:
Chronic liver disease
Patients with chronic liver disease are more likely to develop bile duct cancer.
Bile duct problem since birth
People with choledochal cysts at birth are more likely to develop bile duct cancer later in life.
Primary sclerosing cholangitis
The disorder hardens the bile ducts and causes extensive damage to them, which can lead to bile duct cancer.
The risk of bile duct cancer rises as you get older.
People who smoke are more prone to liver complications and, as a result, have a higher risk of bile duct cancer.

Symptoms of Bile Duct Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer
The symptoms and warning signs, as listed by the oncology specialist in Kolkata, are:
Pain in the abdomen
Weakness and fatigue
Irritation on skin
Pale stools
Unexpected weight loss

Prevention Of Bile Duct Cancer

Getting a hepatitis B vaccine, taking steps to avoid blood-borne or sexually transmitted diseases, treating hepatitis infections (such as B and C) to help prevent cirrhosis, and quitting smoking and drinking are some of the preventive measures that you may follow for avoiding bile duct cancer, says Dr. Sanjoy Mandal who is considered to be the best cancer surgeon in Kolkata.

Bile Duct Cancer Treatment Modalities

The digestive fluid bile is drained into the small intestine through bile ducts, and this job of the bile tubes is disrupted by bile duct cancer. The onco surgeon in Kolkata may use different treatment modalities to restore the function of the bile ducts. The following treatments can be used by the doctor to treat bile duct cancer.
  • Intrahepatic tumours necessitate liver and bile duct resection.
  • Extrahepatic tumours necessitate liver resection as well as the bile duct and adjacent organ removal, as well as vascular resection.
  • Additional care options include: Endoscopic stenting, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.
  • Bile Stones: This tumour necessitates extensive liver resection as well as multi-organ and vascular resection.
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