Liver cancer

Liver Cancer

Hepatocellular cancer, also known as liver cancer, is a cancer that starts in the liver. The term ‘liver metastases’ refers to cancer that has spread from another part of the body to the liver. Liver cancer can be caused by tumours that start in the colon, lungs, breast, pancreas, stomach, and other organs and spread to the liver via the bloodstream. Dr. Sanjoy Mandal is an experienced oncologist who offers the best liver cancer treatment in Kolkata.

Liver Cancer Types

As per the best cancer surgeon in Kolkata, liver cancer can be divided into five categories: All of these forms of liver cancer are dangerous and have a high recurrence rate.
Hepatoma, also known as HCC, is the most common form of liver cancer. It is caused by hepatitis B or C in the majority of cases. Another factor is cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol abuse.
Fibrolamellar HCC
Fibrolamellar HCC is a rare form of liver cancer that responds well to treatment. It mostly affects young adults between the ages of 20 and 40, and there is no gender preference. Fibrolamellar HCC, unlike Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), is not linked to cirrhosis, hepatitis, or alcoholism.
Cholangiocarcinoma is a form of liver cancer that develops in the bile ducts of the liver, causing both intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile duct cancer. It is responsible for 10-20% of all liver cancers.
Angiosarcoma is the cancer that starts in the liver’s blood vessels and spreads across the body. It is generally diagnosed at a late point.
Secondary Liver Cancer
Secondary Liver Cancer is the cancer that starts in another part of the body and spreads to the liver.

Liver Cancer Treatment Modalities

The best surgical oncologist in Kolkata uses two treatment options: transplant and non-transplant.

Transplant Options

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure in which the entire liver is removed and replaced with a healthy one. It is a lengthy procedure that is divided into two categories:

  • DDLT (Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation): In this procedure, the patient’s diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver from a deceased donor. To receive DDLT, a patient must undergo a series of tests in order for the oncologist in Kolkata to determine whether or not the patient is suitable for transplantation.
  • LDLT (Living Donor Liver Transplantation): In this procedure, a patient with a diseased liver receives a portion of their liver from a family member or friend. The patient’s damaged liver is replaced with a healthy one, which grows to its normal size over time. It is the chosen transplant option when a DDLT is not possible, and the patient requires immediate transplantation.
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