Laparoscopy, a widely used surgical procedure, involves the insertion of certain surgical instruments, video cameras and small tubes in your abdomen through small cuts. This advanced method is used for diagnosing a number of ailments such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory diseases and much more.

However, despite being a popular form of surgery, laparoscopic surgery also has got few myths doing the rounds.

Myth 1 – the images taken through a laparoscope are of poor quality

It is not true. In fact, the visuals obtained through a laparoscopic are much clearer when compared to those obtained via an open procedure. The visuals of a video laparoscopy provide a detailed magnification of even those body parts which are inaccessible by human eyes.

Myth 2 – if you have undergone multiple abdominal surgeries beforehand, you can’t opt for a laparoscopy 

The truth is that you can go for a laparoscopy procedure even if you have undergone multiple surgeries previously.  Regardless of the size or location of the previous incisions, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata will be able to perform the surgery using a special instrument the laparoscope.

Myth 3- patients with fibroids or large ovarian cysts cannot have the surgery due to its small incision

This is just a myth. While laparoscopic surgery uses small incisions, removing large abdominal structures is completely effective and safe. All you need to do is choose the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata and the expert will heal your hernia without troubling your safety and comfort.

Myth 4- If you are underweight or overweight, laparoscopy is not for you

No matter if you are too thin or too obese; you can still undergo laparoscopy surgery if the surgeon finds you a suitable candidate for the surgery.  The tools used for this surgery are available in different sizes and lengths. That is why; a surgeon chooses the surgical instruments and adjust them as per your body type before creating the surgical incision.

Myth 5- Patients with severe scar tissue and adhesions cannot undergo this procedure

As it is said earlier, special techniques are used in laparoscopic surgery and that is why, a laparscopic surgeon is able to gain a safe entry into the patient’s abdomen.

Once the surgical probe is Inside a patient’s abdomen, the magnification and visualization of the inside area gets better.

The advanced method  of this procedure  allows for clear isolation and identification. The microsurgical principles of the laparoscopic surgery don’t leave a patient with a massive scar. The microsurgical principles employed during a laparoscopy surgery is a miracle. It hugely cuts down the risks of developing future scars from the surgery itself.

However, if you are planning to undergo a laparoscopy surgery in Kolkata, contact the best surgeon who excels in performing this surgery for quite a long now.