Laparoscopy is one of your finest alternatives if your doctor has advised you that you require gallbladder removal surgery, also known as cholecystectomy. Currently, cholecystectomy patients who need surgery to remove their gallbladder choose the best GI surgeon in Kolkata.

Laparoscopic surgery procedure to treat gall bladder cancer

Small slits are created in the abdominal wall, and one of the cuts is used to introduce a laparoscope, a thin, illuminated tube. To carry out treatments like collecting tissue samples for a biopsy, various tools may be put into the same or other incisions. With the help of laparoscopic surgery, a GI surgeon in Kolkata determines whether the cancer is restricted to the gallbladder or has spread to adjacent tissues and whether it can be surgically removed.

Sometimes a laparoscope is used to direct gallbladder surgery. Through a port in the belly, a laparoscope with a video camera attached is inserted. Other ports are used to insert surgical instruments to carry out the procedure. The tissue around the port locations may also be removed since there is a chance that gallbladder cancer cells will migrate to these ports.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery to treat gallbladder cancer

If you need to have your gallbladder removed, you should be aware of the advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

  • The process is minimally invasive; as a result, smaller surgical incisions are performed, leaving behind lesser scars.
  • With this kind of operation, less blood is lost.
  • After the operation, your pain will be less.
  • Compared to other forms of gallbladder surgery, your hospital stay is shorter.
  • After a laparoscopy, your risk of infection will be lower.
  • You can resume your regular daily activities more soon.

If you are suspecting to havegall bladder cancer, then you are recommended to visit the best gallbladder cancer surgeon in kolkata. For early suspected or early-stage gall bladder cancer, open surgery is also advised along with laparoscopic surgery. Currently, cholecystectomy patients who need surgery to remove their gallbladder choose laparoscopic surgery. However, surgery isn’t advised for every individual in any specific circumstance. In general, the only situation where it would not be advised is if the patient has allergies and is more likely to experience a negative response to the anesthetic. On the other hand, the surgery is considerably safer and may be done if the patient is a pregnant woman in the first trimester of her pregnancy. This is how, every GI surgeon in Kolkata ensures to provide the best treatment for gall bladder cancer patients through laparoscopic surgery.