Initial evaluation of the illness 

A 45-year-old lady was diagnosed with a critical condition. She was detected with advanced and complex rectal cancer. The tumour had grown in size and was located close to the anal canal. Initially, she consulted multiple cancer specialists for treatment. They all advised her to undergo an open surgery with permanent removal of the anal canal and instead suggested placing a stool bag (known as (permanent colostomy) to collect her poop. 

At this point, she came to Dr. Sanjoy Mandal for her treatment.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr.Sanjoy Mandal carefully examined her condition and recommended her treatment options. She underwent radiotherapy and, subsequently, a complex laparoscopic surgery. Both procedures removed her cancer cells with the preservation of the anal canal. During these procedures, a special technique was used to remove the cancer cells from her anal canal

A temporary stroma (external stool bag) was created, which was later closed after the successful completion of the surgery. 


After the surgery, the patient recovered and currently, she is able to pass the stool through her anal canal. 

With the new laparoscopic technique, Dr.Sanjoy Mandal and his team were able to remove the tumour completely. Moreover, her anal canal was not removed which prevented placing of a permanent external stroma (stool bag/ colostomy).  This is one of the complicated cases solved by Dr.Sanjoy Mandal, proving he is one of the best gastrointestinal surgeons in Kolkata.