Did you know surgery is often the main treatment for early-stage of colon cancer? However,  deciding the type of surgery is the concerned surgeon’s task. First and foremost, a surgeon  diagnoses the stage of the cancer and then the goal of the surgery.

For instance, if you or any of your loved ones is diagnosed with colon cancer, laparoscopic  surgery will be the most recommended treatment option according to the advanced laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata.

It must be noted that compared with conventional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery  provides the same or better long-term results but with much less pain and quicker  recovery.

After laparoscopic surgery the patient becomes fit much more quickly and can join back to  work earlier.

The goal of laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer 

The goal of the laparoscopic surgery is removing part of the colon with the tumour along with  adjoining lymph nodes ( glands) out of the patient’s body.

What is a colectomy surgery?

A colectomy surgery helps to remove the part of the colon which is cancerous. However, the  best laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata will decide the extent of removing the colon.

  • When a surgical expert is removing only a part of your colon, it’s segmental resection or partial colectomy. The concerned surgeon will take out the part of the colon which has caught cancer. Plus, a small segment of non-cancerous colon on either side. Usually,  experts remove one-fourth of colon and it depends on the location and size of the cancer.
  • Your surgeon might decide to remove the entire colon by the means of surgery. In case like this, it is a total or subtotal colectomy.

Performing a colon cancer surgery

A laparoscopic-assisted colectomy will be the most suitable option to treat your colon cancer.  Gone are the days of extensive open abdominal surgery and a single long incision.

A laparoscope is a thin and long tube attached with a small camera and a light on the end of the  tube. The light and camera lets the surgeon look inside the patient’s abdomen. Once you are  undergoing a laparoscopic-assisted colectomy surgery, the incisions are very smaller as  compared to the open surgery. When you are considering a laparoscopy surgery, make sure to  choose the best surgeon in town.

Exceptional cases of colon cancer

If your colon cancer has spread to only one or a few spots in the liver or lungs, you might need a chemotherapy , before or after the surgery. A proper treatment plan will help the patient to live longer. If you are undergoing a laparoscopic surgery in Kolkata make sure that you  have chosen the best laparoscopic surgeon in town.