Initial evaluation of the illness

A 55-year-old patient was suffering from a complex bile duct condition. He has developed an obstruction in his bile duct with the formation of multiple large stones. He was undergoing long-term treatment, but there was no effective outcome of the treatment.

Since the patient was HIV positive, it was difficult for the doctors to operate him and remove the stones from his bile duct. Due to the extreme delay in the treatment, he was experiencing severe pain in the abdomen. Soon afterwards, his health deteriorated and he got diagnosed with jaundice.

At this point, he came to Dr. Sanjoy Mandal for a consultation.

Diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Sanjoy Mandal examined his condition and recommended bile duct surgery to remove the stones. Subsequently, the patient underwent a four-hour complex bile surgery, and the multiple large stones were removed. Moreover, a bypass was created to prevent the formation of stones in the bile duct.

Special precautions were taken by Dr. Mandal and his team to prevent the spread of infection to other body parts.


Post-surgery, the condition of the patient improved. He was kept under careful observation for four days and finally got discharged after a full recovery.

HIV patients should not be stigmatised. They should treat just as any other patient with universal precautions.

This was one of the major complex cases treated by Dr. Sanjoy Mandal, one of the best surgical oncologists in Kolkata.