As one of the senior medical professionals and certified hernia doctors in Kolkata, Dr Sanjoy Mandal understands that there is whole lot of info out there about the most common medical condition that patients frequently deal with, i.e., hiatal hernias. These hernias occur when a portion of the stomach presses on to the diaphragm through the oesophageal hiatus, an opening through which food is delivered to the stomach. The symptoms of reflux due to hiatal hernias are usually treated with medications, but may require surgery.

Since it is not easy to identify what is the most reliable and relevant information about the condition, Dr. Mandal has shared the following four facts that you should be aware of.

Fact 1: Smaller hiatal hernias are relatively common

Research has revealed that about 60% of the adult population will be affected by some form of hiatal hernia before the age of 60. Moreover, the numbers do not represent the actual prevalence of this condition because several hiatal hernias are asymptomatic.

Fact 2: Hiatal hernias can occur with variable symptoms

The symptoms can range from nothing abnormal to having trouble swallowing food and GERD, says the hernia specialist in Kolkata. At times, individuals who have hiatal hernia may find themselves drawn to small meals but feel full very quickly. On other occasions, people may experience discomfort around the diaphragm/into the belly, as well as shortness of breath. People with hiatal hernias can sometimes present with severe heartburn and chest pain, which will mask as heart disease.

Fact 3: Genetics Plays a Role

As a hernia surgeon who has performed numerous hiatal hernia surgeries, Dr. Sanjoy Mandal can tell you that an individual can be more prone to hernias in general, including hiatal. This occurs because hernias are more likely to occur in people who have looser connective tissues or a surprisingly large hiatus.

Fact 4: Minimally invasive surgical procedure can be used for the treatment of Hiatal hernias

Minimally invasive surgical treatment involves making tiny incisions, resulting in less blood loss, leading to an easier and faster recovery. According to the best hernia surgery doctor in Kolkata.