Gallstones are a common health issue affecting several people globally, requiring immediate medical attention. In this case, a lack of awareness about the symptoms and the treatment process leads to unnecessary fear and confusion. We will list a few myths and state the facts behind them with the help of a reputed gastrointestinal surgeon in KolkataDr. Sanjay Mandal.

5 Common Myths about Gallstones Busted

Gallstones only affect older adults

Contrary to this myth, gallstones can occur at any age. While they are more prevalent in individuals over 40, younger people are not entirely safe. Note that genetic factors, diet, and certain medical conditions can increase the risk, emphasizing the need for awareness across all age groups.

Gallstones only cause pain in the abdomen

While abdominal pain is one of the primary symptoms, there are several more conditions, such as shoulder pain, nausea, and vomiting, that you must be aware of. Understanding the various symptoms associated with gallstones is crucial for timely diagnosis and appropriate medical intervention.

Dietary habits have no impact on gallstone formation

Your diet significantly impacts the risk of gallstone formation. High-fat, low-fiber diets can contribute to their development. Therefore, a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help prevent gallstones. Consulting a gastrointestinal surgeon in Kolkata can help you get clarity regarding the perfect diet to follow.  

Surgery is the only solution

While surgery is a standard treatment for gallstones, it’s not the sole option. Non-surgical approaches, such as medications and lifestyle changes, may be practical in certain cases. A comprehensive evaluation by a skilled surgeon is essential to further determine the most suitable course of action.

Gallstones always cause symptoms

Gallstones can be silent perpetrators, causing no noticeable symptoms. These “silent” gallstones may not require immediate intervention. Regular check-ups with a gastrointestinal surgeon can help monitor their status and ensure timely action if symptoms develop.

Seeking clarity from a gastrointestinal surgeon in Kolkata

Remember, understanding the facts about gallstones empowers you to take proactive steps towards prevention and timely intervention. Don’t let myths cloud your judgment—reach out to an expert to navigate your journey towards digestive well-being.

Busting myths surrounding gallstones is also crucial to creating a treatment plan. If you suspect gallstone-related issues or need guidance on prevention, consulting Dr Sanjay Mandal, the best gastroenterologist, can be wise. With expertise in this medical field, he can help you understand all the issues and guide you towards optimal digestive health.